OVNI terrestre em Marte?

Eclipse marciano

12 de março de 2004 Comments (0) Views: 525 Geral

Nós estamos aqui

Nós estamos aqui

Ontem o rover também fotografou a Terra — a primeira imagem de nosso planeta a partir da superfície de um mundo distante (que não a Lua, claro).

The Martian astronomers–for there are astronomers on Mars, although they are very different beings from men–were naturally profoundly interested by these things. They saw them from their own standpoint of course. “Considering the mass and temperature of the missile that was flung through our solar system into the sun,” one wrote, “it is astonishing what a little damage the earth, which it missed so narrowly, has sustained. All the familiar continental markings and the masses of the seas remain intact, and indeed the only difference seems to be a shrinkage of the white discoloration (supposed to be frozen water) round either pole.” Which only shows how small the vastest of human catastrophes may seem, at a distance of a few million miles. – HG Wells, The Star


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